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            Since 2007 Applied Training & Consultant Group, LLC (ATCG) has been developing and presenting enhanced training opportunities. ATCG takes pride in its commitment to developing and presenting content-rich and interactive training events for managers, supervisors, employees, and behavioral health counselors.

           Our objective is to increase the individuals learning by offering a practical learning experience. ATCG offers client-centered training tailored for specific markets or industries. Interactive, hands-on exercises include participant teach-back and role playing. Often, training participants leave workshops, and never utilize the materials or tools they learned in the training session. Unfortunately, there is often no follow-up to verify lessons learned. Having witnessed the outcome of non-productive spending on training, ATCG conducts a 90-day follow up with each participant to help measure the participants learning experiences and assess how they are applying that learning to their job performance. This component not only helps companies identify an employee’s unrealized potential, but the overall learning experience has a direct impact on productivity.