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Tailoring Programs to Meet Your Needs

We increase your organization’s capacity by working with you to produce your own customized training courses. ATCG offers client-centered training tailored for specific markets or industries. Interactive, hands-on exercises include participant teach-back and role playing.

Often, training participants leave workshops, and never utilize the materials or tools they learned in the training session. Unfortunately, there is often no follow-up to verify lessons learned. Having witnessed the outcome of non-productive spending on training, ATCG conducts a 90-day follow up with each participant to help measure the participants learning experiences and assess how they are applying that learning to their job performance. This component not only helps companies identify an employee’s unrealized potential, but the overall learning experience has a direct impact on productivity.

Applied Training & Consultant Group (ATCG) offers Certified Addiction Counselor Prep classes designed to assist potential counselors prepare to sit for the certified addiction counselor exam. Participants making the 1 year commitment will accrue the 180 educational clock hours toward certification. Trainings are also appropriate for re-certification. Cost is $120 each module. All hours have been approved by the Georgia Addiction Counselor's Association.

Applied Training offers both individual and group Clinical Supervision, which is included for individuals pre-registered for 5 Georgia Addiction Counselors Association (GACA) -approved Prep courses (32 hours). Clinical Supervision training series is priced at $325 for the entire module.

Offers thirty didactic training hours required for Clinical Supervision certification or select 15 hours for recertification.  Covered areas include: Assessment/Evaluation, Counselor Development, Management/Administration, and Professional Responsibilities. Group or individual sessions are available.

All hours have been approved by Georgia Addiction Counselors Association (GACA).