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Certified Addiction Counselor Prep Classes

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Applied Training & Consultant Group (ATCG) offers Certified Addiction Counselor Prep classes the 2nd Friday & Saturday of every month from 8:30-5:30 (15 hours). The Prep Courses are designed to assist potential counselors prepare to sit for the certified addiction counselor exam. Participants making the 1 year commitment will accrue the 180 educational clock hours toward certification. Trainings are also appropriate for recertification. Cost is $120 each course. 

While ATCG cannot guarantee that individuals will pass the exam, we do believe that the creation of an interactive learning environment helps with retention of information that in turn can increase ones opportunity to pass a test. All hours have been approved by the Georgia Addiction Counselor's Association.

Module 1: Fundamentals of Addiction Counseling

Module 2: Psychoactive Chemical Use, Abuse and Dependence.
(Counseling Services & Clinical Assessment)

Module 3: The Neurobiology of Addiction

(Counseling Services & Clinical Assessment)

Module 4: Screening, Intake, Orientation and Assessment:

(Treatment Admission)

Module 5: Treatment Approaches: (Clinical Assessment)   

Module 6: Counseling Functions and Skills:
(Ongoing Treatment Planning & Case Management)   

 Module 7: Counseling Practice:

(Counseling Services & Documentation)  


Module 8: Theoretical Base of Counseling:

(Counseling Services & Documentation) 

Module 9: Counseling Skills

(Counseling Skills & Discharge and Continuing Care)   

Module 10: Counseling Services - Individual & Group Counseling

Module 11: Professional Issues

(Legal, Ethical & Professional Growth Issues) 

Module 12: Special Considerations of Counseling

(Counseling Services, Case Management, Discharge and Continuing Care)