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Tailoring Programs to Meet Your Needs


    ATCG offers both individual and group Clinical Supervision. Weekly Clinical Supervision Groups are held. ($25 per session/$100 monthly). 

    To schedule an appointment for an initial interview to join the group call (404) 217-2722 or email Pbrown8484@gmail.com

Clinical supervision is a disciplined, tutorial process wherein principles are transformed into practical skills, with four overlapping foci: administrative, evaluative, clinical and supportive. (Powell, 2004).  ATCG offers a series of thirty (30) didactic training hours required for Clinical Supervision certification or select 15 hours for recertification.  Areas covered include: Assessment/Evaluation, Counselor Development, Management/Administration, and Professional Responsibilities. Group or individual sessions are available.

Hours have been approved by Georgia Addiction Counselors Association (GACA).  

Weekend, evening and individual sessions are available to accommodate work schedules. For more information call Dr. Brown at (404) 217-2722. Location of training will be determined. In most cases virtual conferencing is preferred. 

Contact Dr. Patricia Brown (404) 217-2722 or email pbrown8484@gmail.com for more information or to register.

The Clinical Supervision Training Series

  • Guide for Ethical Supervisors - Increase your awareness of ethical issues related to policy, procedures, laws, and how they affect your role a clinical supervisor. Interactive training.  $65 (4 hours) 

  • Clinical Supervision Practice Competencies - Assess your clinical supervision knowledge and skills. Gain an understanding of your roles as a clinical supervisor and how it applies to your organization.  $35 (3 hours)

  • Facilitating Productive Clinical Team Meetings: An Adventure for Clinical Supervisors - Learn to manage meetings; help increase overall participation by staff. Improve leader skills.    $35 (3 hours)

  • Quality Management and Administrative Roles - Learn to implement quality assurance programs and find balance between your administrative and counseling role.  $100 (10 Hours)

  • Clinical Supervision from a Development Perspective - Explore various supervisory models that can enhance the clinical supervisor-supervisee relationship and improve the learning experience. Learn to develop team leaders.   $100 (10 Hours)